Kryoflux Stuck mid-run

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Kryoflux Stuck mid-run

Post by martysmarty »

Hey guys,

I'm working a lot with my kryoflux, a semi-automated machine, to batch preserve the many floppies I have laying around.

Every so often (about 3-4 times a day, I'm processing generally about 100 floppies per day), it will just stop. Sometimes there a short engine sounds from the drive. It'll hang at different seconds.

Disconnecting the USB cable and inserting it again, and even just resetting the USB port (I'm using linux) will allow it to start a new one.

Anyone know how this can happen, and, if it is more likely that this is a Kryoflux board/software issue, or a floppy drive issue?
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Re: Kryoflux Stuck mid-run

Post by ZrX »

Under Windows when a job is run from command line and interrupted it sometimes happens that the board goes unresponsive for some reason when it should just stop. Executing the same command again then gets stuck for a moment, but then resets the board and with the next attempt it's working again.

Pressing the onboard reset button can also be used to solve the issue.
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