New user here with a few questions

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New user here with a few questions

Post by batmreload »

Hi. I'm currently trying to find out if i should buy the kyroflux board.

I intend to use it mainly for writeing (with a few read dumps here and there) .d64 and .g64
Images for use with my 1571& c128 computer. I prefer this over the 1541U flash
drive because i have read a few posts that seem to indicate potential prolbems, as well
as haveing to bother with switching images in and out...I'm kinda odd that way :roll:

I do understand what a flippy disk is (I had a commodore along time ago) but, upon
reading a little more into this forum, found that the 5.25 drive needs to be modified
for flippy disc operation. Sadly, my lack of patience and general lack of expertize means
i will probabily have to ask someone to do the required modification or purchase a modified drive.
So, is it true that i will need a modified drive to be able to
write .d64 and .g64 images to disk?

I'm currently wondering what solution might work out better for me in terms of cost
and effort (yes, i'm lazy) and would really appreciate some advice in this regard.

Thanks and apologies in advance for my ignorance in this matter
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Re: New user here with a few questions

Post by Edsel007 »

Although I'd like to see more KF boards beeing sold, I recommmend to buy a zoomfloppy. I think it's the best solution for you.

afaik, KF is not able to write d64. Not sure about 'normal' g64 images that are spread over the www.
KF can write g64 images created with KF, though.
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Re: New user here with a few questions

Post by mr.vince »

If you don't care about the accuracy of non standard disks, yes, go ahead, use a ZoomFloppy. It will only be as accurate as the 1541 and you won't be able to write certain protections. This is a limitation of the 1541, hence ZoomFloppy can't work around it.

KF of course writes D64 files, just use Nibtools and convert to G64. You can also write many G64 files from the net. Certain protections won't write back correctly unless additional information initially stored by KryoFlux in an extended part of the G64 is present.

As for writing double sided disks: just but blank disks with two index holes and simply flip the disk. Problem solved.
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Re: New user here with a few questions

Post by Rixa »

I thought the double-hole sleeved floppies were the only way, anyway. Or can Kryoflux write flippys now?
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Re: New user here with a few questions

Post by mr.vince »

You are correct, you can't with the released software so far. But can be done, as basically the same as reading.
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Re: New user here with a few questions

Post by e5frog »

I think the same goes for me in that I'm also a beginner so I decided to continue in this thread...

Just got a 5.25" drive, Mitsumi D509 V3, main reason to get it at this time was that I wanted to write the original California Games that's available in the gamebase package. There's a nib and a g64, I tried converting the nib with nibtools and I got the exact same files as the ones in the archive. Wrote the archive and it first erased a bunch of tracks and then wrote, without verify. I guess that's supposed to happen unless I have done a read with kryoflux and then converted to g64 (however that is done) which then is supposed the extra information that is missing...

I thought the user interface looked nice, but it seems I can't write anything from there?

Tried writing an adf-file as described in the document, worked out perfectly fine so that double density writing seems to be fine.

I learned that I can't to write to 1541-written disks without first erasing them with a nuclear blast to the sky? ;-)
Well, does anyone have any household tips for clearing a disk? Speaker on high volume and static noise? Permanent magnet? Do we want the magnetic material to get messed up or get all of it in the same direction? I did get a pack of unused (?) disks with the PC drive so I think I'm fine, I'm not starting any copy and sell business.

Tried writing California Games and I got it to load to the first intro but then the disk just spins with the green led on. Seems like I went through all this trouble for nothing.

Writing to flip side basically only (apart from turning the disk) needs that mod with the magnet and reed right, so you get a signal on each turn no matter what side you have turned up?
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Re: New user here with a few questions

Post by IFW »

I'd really recommend to try and get hold of stream files made with KF, or a g64 file made from that.
Without the extensions added to the data by KF, it's impossible to verify the content during writing.
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