Setup for MFM 5 1/4" DD 360K

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Re: Setup for MFM 5 1/4" DD 360K

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brightcaster wrote: Fri Oct 01, 2021 10:54 am Your parameter line doesn't work that way! Just to quote the manual:
IMPORTANT NOTE on command line parameters order:
The following settings are “image local” and therefore must appear before the image type and would affect only the first image type specified after the parameter. Their values automatically revert to the default after an image type setting (ie once they get used).

Correct: DTC.exe -ffilename.ext -v360 -z3 -i4
Wrong: DTC.exe -ffilename.ext -i4 -v360 -z3
So your parameter line should be

dtc -ftest.img -v300 -e41 -oe39 -i4 -ffilename -i0

instead of

dtc -ftest.img -i4 -i0 -v300 -oe39 -e41

Still, a raw flux dump would be handy to examine for the bad sectors you get...

Ah, okay, thanks for the clarification, I wasn't aware of the argument ordering requirements.

I was able to determine that the disk I was testing with has got an issue now that it didn't used to have even on the original system, so that might explain some of the issues. I'll have to switch to another known good disk to continue testing. I'll post some raw flux dumps if I still have issues. Hopefully I can give it another go this weekend sometime.

Thanks for all the pointers David!
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