Read 160k IBM disk with DTC

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Read 160k IBM disk with DTC

Post by exoscoriae »

I haven't had any problems dumping 1.2mb and 360k disks via the command line, however I can't seem to grab some of the less common disk types.

I have had zero luck with the GUI grabbing even the common disks (like the ones mentioned above).

dtc -fdisk.img -v360 -i4

dtc -fdisk.img -v300 -k2 -i4

Obviously neither of those work.

I tried to dial it in with
dtc -fdisk.img -v300 -k2 -i4 -dd0

However I still had no luck. Unfortunately, I know the order on the command line can have a large affect on the way the stream is decoded, which could be causing my problems as well.

Is there some sort of chart of working command line parameters for known disk types? Or any other tips that anyone can provide?

Thank you.
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Re: Read 160k IBM disk with DTC

Post by IFW »

If you could post a 160KB image I could take a look at what parameters are needed.

The chart is certainly a nice idea!
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