ZX Spectrum Opus Discovery 3.5" Dumps

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ZX Spectrum Opus Discovery 3.5" Dumps

Post by Specfreak »

Hi folks, Andy Barker of WoS/TZX Vault here:

In the past (18-May-2006) I did some Opus dumps on my Amiga hardware, though I don't know what the outcome of these dumps were.
I've recently came into posesstion of Elite by Firebird on 3.5" SS/SD (180k) and decided to dump it on my Kryoflux setup.
I'm using the original firmware and used the kryoflux_1.0b10r4_windows download.
For the scheme I just chose Spectrum/Amstrad 3" Disc as I guess it equates to the same storage per side (even though this opus disk
is Single Density, Single Sided).

The disc itself should be okay as I've already dumped it using SamDisk 3 to an EDSK image then converted it to OPD and tested
in Eighty One. I didn't see any errors by viewing the EDSK in Disk Image Manager, so I'm presuming at least the disk is okay, don't
know about the data or it being modified or saved on.

A test dump can be had from here:
....but I don't know if i need to change the settings to dump other disks, or whether it's worth
dumping the others again once it's figured out ?

The Scatter view shows what looks like a number of tracks populated with data, and the second blank or noise, albeit it's noise since
you have to double step the drive with Samdisk to get a correct dump. I'm told this isn't a problem as this is cleaned up on the SPS end ;-).

I also have a dump done with the DoDumpCPC.bat script, though it asked for Side B and there isn't one of course.

Anyone else got any ZX Spectrum Opus disks. I think I have around 10 originals, you can't really count the Opus Discovery Club disks and Library can you as they'd just me normal disks copied and distributed.

Details I stored in the txt file from the DoDumpCPC script were:
Game Title: Elite (Opus Discovery)
Number of Disks: 1
Publisher and/or Developer: Firebird
Retail, Budget or Compilation (with name): Retail
Year: 1985
Country of Release: UK
Language(s): English
Platform: Spectrum
Media Type (3inch, 3.5Inch, 5.25Inch etc): 3.5Inch
Recommended Model (+3, 464, 6128+ etc): Opus Discovery
Place of Purchase: eBay
Game Working: Yes
Any Extra Information: none
Disk 1 Side A Label: "SideA"
Disk 1 Side B Label: "SideB"
Any ideas if I need to change any settings to dump these ?

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ZX Spectrum Opus Discovery 3.5" Dumps

Post by Interceptor »

If this is a regular 3.5" disk then just dump it as you would an amiga or st disk, don't worry about it being 40 tracks, we'll handle that from the raw dump.

DoDumpCPC.bat is for the physical drive/disk requirement, nothing to do with the disk format. I suppose DoDump3inch.bat would have been a better name!

Does this help? :)

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Re: ZX Spectrum Opus Discovery 3.5" Dumps

Post by schombi »

Was there any update over the last years? Furthermore, I wonder, can existing *.OPD images be written back to disk using the Kryoflux? If so, how is this done (using Windows)? WildeWutz is from 2014.

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Re: ZX Spectrum Opus Discovery 3.5" Dumps

Post by ZrX »

Writing back such dumps would require them to be converted back to KF raw files in correct low level format first. Unfortunately to my knowledge no one has made such utility yet.

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Re: ZX Spectrum Opus Discovery 3.5" Dumps

Post by brightcaster »

The only solution I know of is SAMDisk https://simonowen.com/samdisk/sys_plus3/

But that needs different hardware...


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