DTC Linux build vs. Windows build?

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DTC Linux build vs. Windows build?

Post by Modeler »

I notice that DTC has been updated to v3.00 (now supports hard sectored disks!) while the Linux build remains v2.6 circa Jan 2015.

I'm haven't hit any major problems with the Linux build, never had to dump a hard-sectored disk. Just wondering if there's any other features / fixes I could be missing out on? I can just as easily use Windows, but obviously I'd prefer not to. :)


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Re: DTC Linux build vs. Windows build?

Post by mr.vince »

There's a detailed changelog included with releases, just compare. In general v3.00 is more advanced, including the processing pipeline. However, there are no bugs in older versions that would give bad data where the new one would get you good data (at the flux level). However, all pipelines are constantly enhanced, so newer versions might decode flux data, where older versions would fail, because the new pipeline has additional features etc. that can deal with even worse reads.

We push updates from time to time, but it's not our focus to roll out all versions day and date. Instead, we push them one after the other, while we move along with development. If Linux works for you, I'd recommend to continue using it until there's a new build.

The reason for our focus on Windows (which usually gets new versions first, but e.g. Linux has been leading version-wise for a year or two) is that about 97% of (KryoFlux) users use Windows.

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Re: DTC Linux build vs. Windows build?

Post by ConiKost »

Any news on a new linux build?

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