We need to go deeper

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We need to go deeper

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Panasonic JU-475-3 was a willing testsubject for this project of replacing the on-drive stepper motor driver with a microstepping driver board.
panasonic_microstep.jpg (309.97 KiB) Viewed 2556 times
As can be seen some electrical properties had to be modified in order to make the modification functional.

Also support from IFW and Mr.Vince was needed in order to modify the Kryoflux firmware to allow finer control of the new hardware. ;)

As a result the drive is now able to step at 4 times more accurately between tracks.
analog_alignment_disk.png (106.69 KiB) Viewed 2556 times
And this is how the alignment track on an analog alignment disk looks like when read out with this drive. The image shows a full revolution. :geek:

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Re: We need to go deeper

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This is really, really, really cool...

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Re: We need to go deeper

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Re: We need to go deeper

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Nice test :)

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