How to get a proper icon for the gui...

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How to get a proper icon for the gui...

Post by brightcaster » Mon Dec 09, 2013 7:42 pm

After fiddling with some system-icons for a while. I recognised that there must be an icon within the gui-jar-file, as you can see it in the taskbar while the kryoflux-gui is running!

Here's my way how I got this icon customized for a proper desktop-starter. While I'm using Linux with XFCE I will describe how I did it with that OS and add some hints for windows-users.

The icon will be found within the kryoflux-ui.jar file you'll find in /kryoflux/dtc/ (usual installation). As this file is a standard jar-archiv we can use file-roller (for example) to extract the content. (Windows-user may prefer WinRar at this point.) Inside the archiv we will find the icon at /images/disk.png and can copy it from there to wherever we want it for further use.

After that it is easy to use it just like any other picture-file within a programm-starter on the desktop.

Windows-user will have to convert the disk.png file to disk.ico before further use. That can be done with irfan-view for example or the online-converter at

Hope this helps some people to get a proper kryoflux-icon for there desktop...

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