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Kryoflux to APD

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So this is part of the output from the Java Kryoflux library mentioned in the other thread. It converts a kryoflux stream to APD (archimedes protected) which covers anything that can't be converted with dtc's mfm format. APD can be read by the arculator emulator and also by the ADFFS module that runs on a real archimedes/riscpc.

Source code here:

A description of the apd format is in the APDWriter class.

You need Java 7 to run it. The command line is:

java -jar kryo2apd.jar [options] [kryodumpdir]

Currently the only option is -f, this prevents it creating an FM scan of the tracks (you quite often get false positives here, so there's no point in scanning for FM tracks if you know there aren't any, it just inflates the apd).

Some caveats:
It assumes a good dump (I will include some level of sector fidelity checking/mixing across reads where there are no special sectors/tracks in a later version)

As I said, it's designed for professionally mastered, protected, discs - your own discs, and unprotected discs, can be imaged effectively with DTC.

It's alpha-quality. It mostly seems to work but you may have some issues, please let me know if you do!

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