Few questions about the stream protocol

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Re: Few questions about the stream protocol

Post by RJMcInty » Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:19 pm

DrCoolZic wrote:I have received the board and did my first image and I am now ready to start programming based on the code you have provided...
I've been looking for some official source code for decoding a STREAM file, but haven't found anything other than the code provided by Keir in the other thread in this forum. Did I miss an official download link somewhere?


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Re: Few questions about the stream protocol

Post by mr.vince » Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:20 pm

No, you did not miss an official download link... :)

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Re: Few questions about the stream protocol

Post by DrCoolZic » Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:06 pm

It is already two weeks that I have received the device and it works as expected
So far I have used it to experiment on getting good reliable flux reversal information from original floppy disks and for that it is perfect. :)

First goal was to understand the Stream File output. The reason of this thread ;)
Many thanks to IFW that provided me with a lot of very useful information and to MrVince that provided me with some source code.
The result is a preliminary documentation (attached) on the Stream File format. I believe it is more explanatory than the original documentation, but it may just be because I wrote it?

Second goal was to be able to parse the file. For that I have finished a "test" program (attached) to test the Stream File parser. Not very useful but ...
This program parses a Stream File (including stream files produced by version 2.0 of the firmaware) and check content for consistency.
It will therefore detect if something went wrong during the transfer of the data from the KryoFlux device to the connected PC.
This is a Windows program that should run on any version of Windows (tested on Windows 7 X64). At the end of the excution the program provides:
the average transfer rate oveb the USB link in Bytes Per Second
The number of complete revolutions used for Imaging the track
Rotation Per Minute (RPM): the minimum, average, and maximum values
Number of flux transitions per track: the minimum, average and maximum values (usually the same)
there are also 3 options to display flux transitions (-f) index information (-i) KryoFlux Info (FW 2.0 or above) (-n) --- Type KFCheck without parameters to get help info

From what I understand the parser source will be published by SPS (they need to find the right copyright declaration) and therefore the source is not included with this release
However the .h files that I have been using are "embedded" in the project documentation generated with doxygen (KFCheck.chm). I do not think there is anything "secret" here but MrVince or IFW let me know if I need to remove this information.

Third goal was to "decode" the flux information from the stream file to display the bytes as a WD1772 would see them. I just made it to work last few days but it is not in a state that I can publish. So this is an ongoing task that will probably require few weeks ...

here is a picture of the system connected to an old system running Windows XP

I am also updating my web site with the information on KryoFlux device and will keep you posted when ready
View of the KF connected to an old xp system
system_sm.JPG (32.2 KiB) Viewed 2681 times
KFCheck.exe & doc (.chm)
(109.64 KiB) Downloaded 264 times
KryoFlux Stream Protocol -v0.3.rar
Stream File Doc
(221.46 KiB) Downloaded 305 times

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Re: Few questions about the stream protocol

Post by DrCoolZic » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:48 pm

I have updated my KryoFlux Stream File Documentation
Now version 1.1 see doc change
available at
http://info-coach.fr/atari/software/pro ... otocol.pdf

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