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STREAM to WOZ, is anyone working on this?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 6:48 pm
by rcaputo
Has anyone already written a STREAM to WOZ converter, or is someone in the process of doing so?

I'm considering trying to write one myself, but I'd rather support an existing project than start a new one.

My requirements seem pretty basic: a platform-independent, open source command line tool to read a directory of .raw tracks and output a .woz file.

I know information will be lost, but I consider WOZ to be more of a fancy bootable image than a comprehensive archival storage format.

Updates: is intriguing. Development is active but seems to be prioritized based on developer needs. A lot of issues, including tasks to add STREAM and WOZ support are labeled "help wanted", which is nice. It's written in a language I've never used before, which limits my involvement.