A Laser-Cut KryoFlux Drive Housing

Show us your setup and show us where the units are being used.
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A Laser-Cut KryoFlux Drive Housing

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I bought a KryoFlux a while back, along with a 5.25" and 3.5" drive to use with it. Since then, I've been thinking how I can give it a nice housing but unwilling to sacrifice an old external drive caddy to do so. Basically, I needed a dedicated housing unit - and I happen to know someone rather clever at that kind of thing. With the help of my friend Aaron at oomlout and his clever Open Building Block (OOBB) platform, we put together this - in my humble opinion - rather neat case. suitable for cutting out of MDF or acrylic on any decent laser cutter.
KryoFlux Housing, V1
KryoFlux Housing, V1
The disadvantage of this design is that it has a reasonably large footprint to allow for routing cables without putting too much strain on anything. The advantages are that it's robust, fits any 5.25" and 3.5" drives, looks attractive, is held together by standard nuts and bolts with no esoteric parts required, has cutouts for panel-mount USB and IEC power connectors and the total BoM is in the sub-£5/$8 range (plus the cost of time on a laser cutter.) I'm also publishing it under a permissive licence, CC-BY-SA. Feel free to download the files - provided in a variety of formats - and modify them as you see fit, but if you improve upon the design I'd appreciate a copy so I can update my version!

Oh, and if you're wondering how the power supply mounts: while everything else is either screwed or bolted into place, the lack of mounting points on the PSU (and my desire to leave it in its nice insulated plastic case) mean that it's cable-tied onto the mezzanine panel with its input at the rear and output at the front. Between the cables passing down below the mezzanine and the cable ties, it ain't going anywhere fast. Those concerned about slippage could also hot-glue it in place, or even use sticky-back velcro to make it fixed but still removable.

If you build one, let me know!
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Re: A Laser-Cut KryoFlux Drive Housing

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Way cool, well done!
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