Take care of your media

Show us your setup and show us where the units are being used.
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Take care of your media

Post by ZrX »

Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge was under the heads just last weekend.

I think it took over an hour to dump, one track at a time, cleaning the heads between each track, several retries...
Scratched surface.
Light shining through the scratched surface.
Closeup of the surface.

In the end the game data was preserved 100% working (minus few damaged unused sectors). :geek:

And this wasn't the only one, tho the other disks weren't in such a horrid state.
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Re: Take care of your media

Post by Cosmo »

Amazing that it was still possible to rescue the data.
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Re: Take care of your media

Post by mr.vince »

I would credit that to the host software (DTC) which has gotten very robust by now. :)
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