My automatic Kryoflux worklog

Show us your setup and show us where the units are being used.
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My automatic Kryoflux worklog

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Hi there!
I'm a new KryoFlux user here, but I have a lot of media I need imaged so...
I was inspired by Multidisk's CP2000 based mechanism, and was able to snag one on ebay for a good deal as part of a plan to image a ton of old Macintosh floppies I have sitting around. The setup is a work in progress, but I tossed up 2 videos on youtube last night after getting the motor controller Pololu 18v7 up and running. I'm hoping to finish it off with a pico-itx pc mounted in the case, and possibly look into making the original LCD/Buttons function.

Now if only I can get good images off some of these (poorly stored) disks...

Youtube playlist: ... c8BIR9eLz5

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