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My KryoFlux

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:20 pm
by Joe Maroni
because it bothered me that the powerful KryoFlux board was not in a case i decided to create my own "KryoStation". I´ve took an old case of an external diskdrive and unscrewed every part of it...
then i put a Samsung SFD-321 (ebay for just 3,50 EUR) on the place of the original drive...then i cut off the spacers for the original board off the basic case.

after i put beside the cut-off spacers i had to drill the KryoFlux at the 4 holes that were planned to put it in a a size of 3 mm, because i had no smaller screws and 3 mm is perfect.

then i took the cutted-off spacers and drill the screws into the spacers with the KryoFlux board between them...meanwhile the hot glue was ready to be used and i located a perfect position for the board...

and now its done...with a short 32 pin cable....

next step will be a plate for usb and main power connector...

show me what you´ve done with you´re KryoFlux

Re: My KryoFlux

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:50 pm
by IFW
Lovely :D

Re: My KryoFlux

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:45 pm
by Malvineous
That's quite nice! I've been thinking about putting the KryoFlux + 5.25" floppy into an external 5.25" enclosure (like the ones you can buy cheap off eBay for external DVD writers) but the only problem is then my KryoFlux is limited to one drive, whereas I have four I will be switching between...