90s IBM case for KryoFlux - Ideas welcome!

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90s IBM case for KryoFlux - Ideas welcome!

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Hi all

I recieved my very own KryoFlux board this week. I've got a bunch of different 3.5" floppy drives and a Mitsumi D509 V3 5.25" drive which is in good working order albeit with a cracked bezel. I'm excited to get up and running with it but this all needs a home first.

Say hello to my IBM 7208-232 SCSI tape drive enclosure. It has 2 5.25" bays to acommodate both floppy drives and an internal power supply with molex connectors. Inside are 2 tape drives (4/8GB I think) and a controller board which all need to come out. It's pretty clean which makes me think it's not had a lot of use or has come from a fairly clean environment. Outside there are some scuffs, to be expected for its age but all in all, it's not in bad shape.

So here's the question. Obviously the quickest and easiest option is just to mount the kryoflux and drives and have done with it. Should I leave it at that or are there other things I can or should do? (Without going to huge expense)

Obvioiusly I'll keep you all updated as this develops. It could take a while if I have to order or make anything, especially as my children keep me very busy. ;)
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