Flippy Mod-Panasonic JU-475 AKJ

Show us your setup and show us where the units are being used.
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Flippy Mod-Panasonic JU-475 AKJ

Post by airnocker » Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:51 am

I'm happy to report my flippy mod was a success. I searched the forum for any picture insights for adding the by-pass circuit to this drive but only found a dead reference in the forum for a flippy mod. The YouTube vid was extremely helpful, however.

So I thought I would post how I implemented the two 1K resistors and the 2N2222 switching transistor to the Panasonic floppy controller board along with some other reference photos.

Red oval above shows how much clearance This is were I planned to add the by-pass circuit
Red oval above shows the by-pass circuit in place
Red oval above shows the circuit trace side of the controller board with the by-pass circuit in place

It appears there is a limit of three photos per post so this next photo will be in a following post.
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