My KryoFlux Box - the beginnings

Show us your setup and show us where the units are being used.
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My KryoFlux Box - the beginnings

Post by airnocker » Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:39 pm

My need for KryoFlux is transient, so I am taking a minimalist approach but expect to find an old 5-1/4" case of some sort to mount my solution. I am going to be archiving my old Apple //e DOS 3.3 disks, 16 sector (and some ProDOS disks) and recovering files on these via Ciderpress to my Win10 PC.

I used 4-40 screw/nut size stand-offs and found by accident the resulting raised KryoFlux fit nicely on the floppy disk drive. I will epoxy the stand-offs to the drive in the position shown in the photos and basically should be ready to cable up and use as shown. The enclosure can reveal itself later.

Seems there is a photo limit so I will post the other views in another post.
Left View
Front View
Right View
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