Kryoflux in an ex SCSI box.

Show us your setup and show us where the units are being used.
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Kryoflux in an ex SCSI box.

Post by flaviosr »

Dear All,

I am a newbie and I am trying to move my first steps in this new world (for me).
Like many others of you I am preparing an ex SCSI box to put in the card with the two 3.5 and 5.25 floppy drives.
My doubt is that, when the case is closed, I cannot reach the reset button and, in case the card freezes, I have to open the box (no good). I cannot even see the beautiful leds...
So my question to the more experienced of you is: is the reset button often used or not?
If so I was thinking about preparing a plastic door to see the card and to open in case I need it.
I was also thinking about some more modding (lights...) but this for the future! :)

Your suggestions are really appreciated.

Thank you and ciao,
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Re: Kryoflux in an ex SCSI box.

Post by mr.vince »

I can't remember when I had to push it while dumping - it was mainly used during the early days of development. Unplugging the USB cable would have the same effect, so not much of an issue there.

If you're brave, don't mind voiding the warranty, you can as well solder an additional push button with wires. If you want to place the LEDs elsewhere I'd recommend fibre channel cables to transport the light or you could unsolder the LEDs and mount them elsewhere.
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Re: Kryoflux in an ex SCSI box.

Post by Jope »

Likewise, unplugging the usb cable is enough to reset the board, I don't remember when I've had to do that,
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