Another ex-SCSI box

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Another ex-SCSI box

Post by Dominus »

Decided to gut my old SCSI box and place everything for the Kryo inside. Never gonna need those SCSI drives again anyway.
So, I cut the SCSI wires, threw out the ID selectors and detached the fan. I doubt it will ever be that hot again to need a fan.
The Kryo is placed in a 3D print of the case on Thingiverse, mostly because I got the 3D case before remembering I still got the SCSI case but it is good because there is no way to attach the kryo otherwise. With the case it fits right where one ID selector was. BUT I needed to tape it. Not exactly the best way to do it... :(
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Re: Another ex-SCSI box

Post by mr.vince »

Very nice!
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