Bring a Kryoflux to Work Day.

Show us your setup and show us where the units are being used.
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Bring a Kryoflux to Work Day.

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Hi folks,

Here's a picture of my setup at work:
My Kyroflux at Work.
My Kyroflux at Work.
WorkRetro1.jpg (143.86 KiB) Viewed 3745 times
The missus wouldn't really let me have all this retro stuff knocking around at home, although I've got a 3" drive using spacers in a 5 1/4" drive bay adaptor in our family PC ;-).

To the left is my Amiga with PPC acelerator, hooked up with a 3" EME-156 drive and a custom board kindly made for me by one of the SPS guys
attached to DF1:. I've dumped many Amiga, Spectrum and Amstrad disks using this setup... gotta keep my Miggy going. Though I still need to sort out
OS 4.x Classic: ... Amiga.html

In the centre, is my Shuttle with Windows XP. I use this with an FD-1 hooked in and use SamDisk to dump EDSKs.
In addition, you'll see my lovely Kryoflux board which currently has the FD-1 plugged in, and I use my PC to dump onto (right)

The Right machine is my work machine and above it is my C2N Datacassette for dumping C64 TAP files, and my WH Smith cassette deck for dumping Spectrum Tapes to WAV, then TZX.

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Re: Bring a Kryoflux to Work Day.

Post by karadoc »

Haha! I'm both laughing and feeling in awe. Thanks very much for sharing!

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Re: Bring a Kryoflux to Work Day.

Post by mr.vince »

What a wonderful mix of good hardware. I really like it.

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Re: Bring a Kryoflux to Work Day.

Post by skideric »

I am SO jealous. :cry:
All u need is my SX64 sitting there with the rest. :mrgreen:

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