Kryo-Drive emulation ?

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Kryo-Drive emulation ?

Post by steinmonty »

The kryoFlux can read floppies, It can write floppies, why not (if it doesnt already) emulate a drive,

The parts are all in place, The unit could read the track change signals and send back the recorded data
so the connected vintage computer thinks its reading data from a real drive.

Perhaps this device already has this feature? It would be a simple combination of the code already
in the device for reading and writing, just like writing a floppy, but instead of sending the track changes
to the drive, it reads the track changes.

I thought it would be a good idea, then you have permanent storage instead of writing data back to floppies
which arent going to last forever.

I have hundreds of floppies and some are going blotchy, I found two that have mould on them
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Re: Kryo-Drive emulation ?

Post by Tino_M »

the kyro flux emulates the fdd controler not the fdd drive
there are other products emulating fdd drive
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Re: Kryo-Drive emulation ?

Post by Jeff_HxC2001 »

Yes some are already there, some others are incoming ;)

Here is an old video (2008) of one emulator playing some ipf :
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