Should -i3a and -i4a imply -v288?

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Should -i3a and -i4a imply -v288?

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Just another of my typical useless ideas.. shouldn't -i3a and -i4a imply -v288 as well? I mean they seem to work well enough without that, but maybe would they work better / be more forgiving of marginal disks if it was included? Real Atari 8-bit drives do spin at 288 RPM after all (either that or they use a correspondingly higher data rate).

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Re: Should -i3a and -i4a imply -v288?

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That's correct and I was thinking about that.
My problem is that some of the duplicated disks actually (and incorrectly...) use 4us/300 RPM recording...
Any more feedback on what make the default RPM for those is welcome!

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