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Re: Linux support

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I know how you feel about new toys :)

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Re: Linux support

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mr.vince wrote:You know we mailed about this... and DTC is already being ported to gcc for the Mac by using libusb, so it should only need minor corrections to work on a Linux box...

Just to make sure you don't double work. ;)
So, if a Mac version of DTC could be available in the near future, please would you fix the bad behaviour, that everytime, I boot my Macbook Pro 17u into Mac OS X 10.6.5 (64bit mode) with KryoFlux hardware powered and pluged into usb port, I get a kernel panic? Not so nice an uncomfortable, if I forget to plug it off.

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Re: Linux support

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This is a Mac OS problem; it tries to install another, wrong driver. I get this when using KF in WinXP via Parallels. As soon as I quit Parallels it's party time.

Guess we can find a fix, but the problem really is within OS X...

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