Emulator I disks

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Emulator I disks

Post by mr.vince »

Originally written by esynthesist and then over-moderated & deleted by me, so here it is (again):

Emulator II disks are already supported by Kryoflux, so it would be very nice to also have support for the even more exotic (older) Emulator I sampler.
Yesterday I did some short reverse engineering on the disks (in a quite handicraft way using a DSO... because I don't understand the STREAM file yet ;) )
It was quite easy because the format resembles the Emulator II disk format, with some differences though:
- single sided instead of double sided
- 35 tracks instead of 80 tracks per side
- very slight differences in SYNC/GAP sequences
but basically the same as Emulator II with 1 sector/track holding the same 3584 byte amount as the Emulator II.
(see also: http://www.emxp.net/Disk_layout_of_Emul ... s_v0_8.pdf)

So I was thinking and hoping that even the current Emulator II format in Kryoflux would already somehow be compatible with the Emulator I.
(containing 4 times too many useless, unformatted tracks of course).
And yes.. it did... well...to a certain degree: I located the first 3 tracks in the image and they were correct, but from then on the data seems not correct anymore (BTW: all 35 tracks are reported by DTC with a label EmuII *OK except for the first track which is labeled plain vanilla OK)

Is my thinking about the compatibility wrong ? Has it something to do with the 40 tracks instead of 80 tracks (thickness of cylinders ?)
Perhaps I should send a STREAM file ? Or are you being overwhelmed by stream files now :) ?

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Re: Emulator I disks

Post by IFW »

*<something> is a warning that although the operation was successful there are unexpected values, ranges etc found on disk.
In cases like this, sending over stream files or at least showing some log entries would be extremely helpful :)

Since Emulator I has not be examined yet, please do send over an entire disk dumped as stream files, just ignore whatever warnings you get.

...but let me make a lucky guess: it is 48 TPI instead of 96 and single sided.
If that's the case using, -k2 will just work fine.

Still, the best thing is to send over an entire disk of stream files to ensure that support is 100%.

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Re: Emulator I disks

Post by esynthesist »

Done. You can find the dumps and some additional information on the upload site.
They were created with the -k2 flag set, because these are indeed 1981 disks with max 40 tracks, single sided ;)

I couldn't use the -k2 flag for creating the Emulator II image from this disk though, DTC complained. But the stream files were recorded with that flag.

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