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how about some tool to analyze the dumps, to see if the dump you have is good/bad/useful. Something like the analyzer from SPS, which can tell for each track what data is on it, if it's a known copy protection or if it's simply unformatted data.

Probably not strictly needed but it would be cool. I, for one, really like to see what is in the data I dumped.

Also, I'm really interested in the format of the raw dumps. I guess every byte is just a timing value between two flux reversals, right? And the file consists of all revolutions concatenated after each other so that if I read a track 3 times I should get "similar" data 3 times in the file? How about the few header bytes? (Edit: I just saw this has been asked before and I think it'll be okay just to wait for the DRAFT format... however, some insight on the stream format would be nice ;-)


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Re: Analyzer

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Yes, would be fantastic but:

Not everything is automatic; it requires very deep knowledge of disk coding techniques and very advanced programming to understand certain protections. And although I might know more than the average user, I still feel like a noob when talking to István. I assume that 99% of the casual users would not be able to use 98% of what the Analyser (CTA) can do. It's very easy to break something with this tool, which would result in many broken images.

Producing a crippled version would only increase public pressure and demand, therefore, we've currently decided against this.

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