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Req: Detailed Summary when using DTC.exe

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:17 pm
by sTe
I use the DTC command line, because it suits my needs best.
However, when the DTC command is running, it will report as the util is running of errors, such as Read Errors etc. Unless I sit there at the command line, or I export the command line output to a text file, or scroll up the screen ... its not always obvious once the job is completed.

for example, every time a disk is imaged, regardless of errors or not ... you get "Enjoy your shiny new disk image!". Could you please at the end of the job include a summary ... AmigaDOS, Read Error Tracks : 5:0,5:1,10:0,11:0. I can then focus on this, and maybe alter the command to try and create a preservation version. Whereas the message may give someone the indication everything imaged perfectly.