macOS Mojave and strange behaviour

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macOS Mojave and strange behaviour

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Kryoflux doesn't seem to work on macOS Mojave ("USB endpoint not found"), but it ran fine on macOS High Sierra. Are there plans for an update to the software for being able to run on OS Version 10.14, too?

Also, when Kryoflux software is attached via USB, the mouse pointer starts to stutter or "warp" to different locations of the screen instantly with no movement in between and even when the mouse itself was not moved. Or it started to "shake".

(Very tricky when you try to klick the "start" button of the KF GUI and just a millisecond earlier the mouse pointer jumps somewhere else on the screen. :o )

This happens only when KF is attached, and it happened several years ago with 2.51 and recently with 2.62 version.

Also, sometimes (not all the time!) the whole machine becomes unresponsive and "locks" for either parts of a second or up to 2 seconds, it seems like nothing is happening or reacting (mouse, keyboard => both are within the USB chain, right?), and this behavior lasts for sometimes only 5 or sometimes up to 20 seconds. I am trying to describe it as precisely as possible. In between sometimes there is no problem. It feels like the KF sometimes "blocks" the complete USB chain or blocks the whole machine. It does this a few times, then after some seconds everything is back to normal, then it starts again... then it stops again - or does it - no, it continues... ok now it seems to have stopped... no, now it starts again to suddenly freeze the machine for instances of a second...then probably nearly half a minute everything is fine, then again...

Sometimes when reading disks this behaviour is more apparent than when in "idle" mode, but it is there all the time, even when the KF GUI has no focus. Probably even when the GUI is not started at all (maybe the GUI has nothing to do with it).

This happened with:
OSX Mavericks on a MacBookPro 13" Retina Late 2013 (some years ago)
OSX Mojave on an iMac 5K 27" 2017, KF software 2.62 (now)

Any idea why this might be the case?

Is someone else also experiencing the same behaviour?
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