A "bulk dump mode" and more output features

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A "bulk dump mode" and more output features

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just my two cents:
it would be cool if dtc.exe had some features for dumping a lot of disks at once. So the user is able to watch dvd or to read a book while dumping ;)

For example:
- user prepares a huge pile of disks and writes the disk names into a text file according to the pile-order
- option -f accepts this text file with disk names "-fd:\dumps\**disknames.txt**
- for stream files: an new option creates the subdirectories for the streamfiles according to the disk names, here: d:\dumps\disk1name\disk1name_00-0.raw or something like that
- user feeds the first disk, presses return key and KryoFlux starts dumping
- after finishing the disk, a sound is played
- user inserts the next disk, presses a key, and so on
- after finishing the last disk, dtc tells the user how many disks were dumped and how many disks had errors
- if encountering read errors/bad tracks a different sound is played So the user knows that this disk has to be put on the "bad disk pile" after finishing the dump. A log file shows the user which tracks where bad so he coud try to dump this tracks with a different drive.

And: Kryoflux detects tracks that are incompatible with the .img or .adf-format (copy protected disks) when dumping into stream and image files at once. So for copy protected disks Kryoflux creates stream files only.

This way duming zillions of disks would be fun :D

Oh, and I have another suggestion if you are implementing a GUI: Use the GUI of the good old XCopy or Cyclone: this way every user sees dumped long tracks, weak bits and damaged sectors with a glance ;)


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Re: A "bulk dump mode" and more output features

Post by karadoc »

Thanks for the feedback.

I think many of those features are best suited for the UI that is in development. I expect we'll have some kind of issue tracker to keep track of development, and it would be great if you could add those. Others could even pitch in and add features if we doing get round to them.

The basic UI design is mostly there now, and it is not particularly similar to X-Copy/Cyclone. It is similar in that it has a track layout, and you will be able to see the status of the tracks, but it probably won't really give you a retro feeling :) It is designed to be very simple, for use by people who work in libraries and such things.

Of course, there are plans to make it quite powerful, and later versions are planned to have various sorts of data visualisations (track density charts, etc), but we want to be careful about adding things so that it still appears simple. Eternal problems with user interfaces I suppose!

Doing big batches of disks is definitely one of the main use cases though, so thanks very much for the ideas.

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