Soft status of /WGATE

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Soft status of /WGATE

Post by ieure »

I just spent around an hour tearing into my setup trying to figure out why I couldn't write any disks. Turns out there was some gunk on the pins and/or inside the jumper which prevented it from closing, even though it appeared to be enabled.

I was surprised that opening it up doesn't change behavior of writing images at all. It seems like it's successful, but the resulting disk is unmodified. Some kind of indication from dtc that the operation isn't really happening would be very much appreciated.
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Re: Soft status of /WGATE

Post by mr.vince »

It will, for all images that support verify (as of today).

The write blocker is exactly that - it can't be changed in software, nor detected by any means (except for writing and reading back).
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