Cipher 525 support?

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Cipher 525 support?

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Is there any chance the Kryoflux could be made to support imaging Cipher 525 tapes? The 525 is a tape drive (using DC600A-type cartridges) that uses a floppy interface. One of six streams is selected by a combination of the drive-select and side lines, and each streams consists of 256 sections of tape that emulate a floppy disk's tracks. Encoding can be FM or MFM. Timing and other information is in this document: http://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttga ... _Nov84.pdf
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Re: Cipher 525 support?

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Unless the data rate coming off the tape is too fast, this might be possible. However, this would need considerable development time and would not come for free. Is this a private or commercial request?
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