ARM-Linux Support?

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ARM-Linux Support?

Post by melstav »

I was wondering if there were any plans to provide an ARM-Linux port of the host software?

I'm in the process of retrofitting an old 3.5" floppy duplicator, to enable bulk imaging of disks. The unit I'm working on is conveniently designed around a main system board and a separate board controlling the mechanisms, connected via an RS-232 serial link. That means I can easily replace the main system board with a kryoflux and a USB->RS232 adapter cable.

Right now, my current plan is to hang both the kryoflux and the serial adapter off a hub connected to a PC running linux. If there was ARM-Linux support, I'd be tempted to build a raspberry pi (or other embedded ARM linux board) into the enclosure instead.
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Re: ARM-Linux Support?

Post by mr.vince »

Not a priority ATM, as more platforms don't bring any benefit (I understand it'd be nice to have), so Windows, Mac OS and standard Linux are what we can supply ATM.
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