Disk Formatting

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Disk Formatting

Post by garyw536 »

I think it would be good if the Kryoflux had the ability to format the disks to create blank disks for all the compatible formats.

The main reason I suggest this is that I have 2 Acorn Archimedes machines (A3010 and A3020). When I format a disk in one machine it is unreliable if used in the other machine and vice-versa. As the Kryoflux is reported to be able to write disks that are better than the originals this may cure this problem.

It has been suggested to me on another forum to write an image of a blank disk, which I have not tried yet, but I think a direct formatting feature would be more useful.

This feature could also be used to test the integrity of disks and recover disks with bad data.

My top 5 new features, some of which have been discussed on other threads, would be;
1. Write support - which was introduced in December :D , but I have not managed to try it yet.
2. Auto detection of disk format. I have a huge pile of 5.25" floppies of many types and formats which got mixed up during a house move. There are BBC, CBM64 and PC-DOS disks mixed up, none of which are labelled. :?
3. Disk Format feature - As discussed above.
4. Bad sector repair - Would be very useful.
5. Summary of the read process saved as .TXT - Would be good to contain read options used, disk type, disk format, good / bad sectors etc.

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Re: Disk Formatting

Post by Specfreak »

Sounds like it could be a drive alignment problem in one of your drives. I've seen this before on ZIP-100 drives on the Mac around 10 years ago.
Also, does the Acorn Archimedes use variable drive speed like in the old Apples. I think we also had problems then with our staff using floppies and had problems
reading each others disks on certain computers.
I did like the SyQuest EZ-Drive 135s though, going back to that era. I still have mine plus a few EZ-Flyer 230s I aquired when they were done with.
I used them on my Amiga and also PC.
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Re: Disk Formatting

Post by karadoc »

Firstly, write support is actually not complete yet. We were targeting end of December, but other commitments meant it was not possible. It is making exciting progress though, so we hope to talk about this more soon.

About your drives, I concur with Specfreak, it sounds like a drive alignment problem.

About the formatting feature. It's a nice idea. I think probably the easiest way to do that is to provide known-good disk images of formatted disks for different systems. Of course, no point until we have writing in there...

Disk format detection. We are currently thinking about this. Unfortunately there are lots of other unrelated things we have to get done first.

Bad sector repair. I guess a tool for the operating system concerned would be able to do some things. What we might be able to do, which those tools cannot, is deep-level data recovery. However, that would probably require some sort of intestment by an interested party to do properly, as it would take more time that we have at the moment.

Summary of read process. You can get that using the command line tool, DTC. It is a planned feature for the UI, which should get done in one of the next few versions. You can get a debug log though, which you can do by starting the UI from the command line:

java -jar kryoflux-ui.jar 1>session-log.txt 2>&1

Anyway, thanks for your input! Suggestions and ideas are always appreciated.
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