Reading disks from End to Start possible?

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Reading disks from End to Start possible?

Post by doffo » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:52 am


Was looking through the forum, and someone mentioned if it was even possible to start reading from the inner side of a disk on outward... This came to an idea where if it could possible start on track 40+ and work its way towards track 0?

Only thing that comes to mind that it "might work" is these DS-53 drives . Latest one from Digital Systems, yes the head keeps traveling back if you push it beyond track 0 sensor, but it never actually works that way or disables it. Maybe these drives actually physically count each step it takes and never goes negative? But figured if the disk drive can start reading from a high track onto the negative tracks without ever really "disabling" track 0 sensor so it keeps sending the step motor commands and never checks to see if its reached beyond tracks 0, maybe its possible to make use of the disk drive.

Either way. Just a thought. :) Feel free to burn up the idea and throw it in the bin... Maybe a utility that will "start" the drive up for reading, and use the right/left arrow keys to reverse/advance the stepping motor without it actually taking in any kind of information just to see the motions of the reading head?

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