error correction

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error correction

Post by HerrT »

Is there a way to activate somewhat like a error correction?
I tried to read out some old disks. Now I don't know, if there's a copy protection on it or if sectors are physically damaged.
Is it planed to release a more informartive gui soon?
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Re: error correction

Post by mr.vince »

Error correction is something impossible on something that stores program data... you can't interpolate like when reading music off a CD or video off a DVD.

If you can be a bit more specific, we can try and help you find dump settings. E.g. you can set the retry count (switch -t) and let DTC read the same track a thousand times if erroneous. I did this for a damaged master disk and after reading a track hundreds of times, it came off good. Another option would be making a forensic dump (STREAM file) for the track and analysing what's in there.

If you dump to sector dumps (.ADF, .D64, .IMG) and DTC can't read a particular track it will put what i was able to read into it. My suggestion would be that if this is a user created disk with data, you might want to load it in an emulator an do a FILE COPY (not disk copy!) to another fresh image file. You should get errors in emulation if the user data is damaged.

If the disks you are reading are originals and the errors happen on "suspicious" tracks, it's very likely protection that can not be stored in sector dumps.

For the record... GUIs usually aren't more informative than command line tools, but yes, a GUI is in the making.
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