UK retrogamers.. Do YOU want your disks preserved?

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UK retrogamers.. Do YOU want your disks preserved?

Post by Peepo » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:47 pm

Hi all,
Do you live in UK and want your disks preserved, but don't have a Kryoflux or other necessary equipment? :shock:
I'd like to offer my services here - hell, I'll even pay the postage, so don't let that stop you.
I have a large collection of C64 cassettes that I am continuing to preserve with my DC2N and a much smaller collection of disks.
I am not planning on collecting disks, but very much enjoy the preservation side of things (including scans - I have an A3 SCSI scanner for the purpose). My own collection of disks is almost completely dumped - and apart from a steady trickle of disks where European friends get UK only auctions posted via me, my Kryoflux and drive will soon be lying idle! :o
So don't let your disks sit there and rot away - get them preserved forever! :ugeek:
I have plenty of online associates who can vouch for me (I won't take your disks and run!) :twisted:
I live in South Wales, UK, so get in touch if you're at all interested.

Kind regards,


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