Flippy Modded Drive in a Dual Drive Configuration-Some Info

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Flippy Modded Drive in a Dual Drive Configuration-Some Info

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Not sure if this has been covered so I wanted to give it its own thread.

When using a flippy modded Panasonic in a dual drive configuration (using 2 drives on a single ribbon cable) you must remove the connector inside the ribbon cable for the non flippy modded drive.

I'm using a Panasonic flippy modded drive (which has pin 33 cut for the bypass circuit.) along with a non flippy modded Teac. Since they both use the same ribbon cable, when I connect the ribbon cable, the bypass signal on pin 33 is lost as it goes to ground on the Teac thus rendering the flippy mod useless on the Panasonic.

To alleviate this issue, remove the connectors for pin 33 inside the connector for the non flippy modded drive (in my case the Teac.)

This allowed the signal to continue to the Panasonic and the flippy mod works fine once again.

Without this signal the Panasonic will not back up 8 tracks (4 Commodore tracks) to read s1 properly.

Hope this helps any folks wanting to run a dual drive configuration involving a Panasonic flippy modded drive.

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