true write back support

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true write back support

Post by dk_spb » Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:29 am

I have read news about new release. One more very little step to write support. Thank you very much!
Did you have plan to add real write support to KF?
I mean very simple feature: I can read disk to dump file and I need make a copy of disk from dump file. Only raw data: I don't want to know the structure and format of the tracks (Yes, I know that understanding and checking the structure is better but I am absolutely sure that you never support all formats which I need). Only copy.
Why you can't write back the stream? Is it so special marketing feature????
Why you "insert" so many restrictions to DTC? Only MFM writing and other?
As I know in old time where are a special hardware copier: one drive read and send raw data to write at 2nd drive without any analyze. But this device need special hardware for index sync between both drives. Why KF can't read raw data from index to index to file and send raw data to drive from file?
That you mean "software preservation" if I can only send stream to you and can't restore software to another disk and I still need store all my disks.
Please tell me about your plans for real write support. Or may be you can advise me other product with real write support not only Amiga and C64?

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