DragonDOS disk dump

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DragonDOS disk dump

Post by robcfg »


I'm trying to image disks in DragonDOS format as MFM disks with 256 bytes of sector size and even with a fresh formatted disk, it tells me that there are some bad and/or modified sectors.

I don't know if I'm missing something in the settings.

DragonDOS disk should have this parameters:

MFM Double Density
40 or 80 tracks (0 - 39 or 0 - 79)
1 or 2 sides
18 sectors per track (1 - 18)
256 bytes per sector
2:1 interleave

Also, I use HD 3.5" disks taping one of the write protection holes, as 3.5" DD disks are rare to find these days.

I'd like to know also if it would be possible to support .VDK sector file format as output when dumping Dragon disks.

Than you very much!

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Re: DragonDOS disk dump

Post by mr.vince »

Can you prepare a set of stream files for us?

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