C64 Bounty Bob Strikes Back Question

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Re: C64 Bounty Bob Strikes Back Question

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sncboom2k wrote:Edsel007 - I used your commands as stated above, here they are:

dtc -p -b-8 -fdumpdir\Raw_Dumps\%1\%1_ -i -i2 -y -g2 -i23 -t10 -l8

dtc -p -m1 -fdumpdir\Raw_Dumps\%1\%1_ -i0 -fdumpdir\G64_New\%1.g64 -y -g2 -i22 -l8

It produced a G64 that would attach to VICE, but it fails to pass the copy protection check at the very 1st step.
That's as far as I got using my original batch file, so we must be missing something somewhere.

Not sure it matter, but my BBSB is v1.2

The additional protection: the disk must be write protected, otherwise junk is being transferred to the c64 :)
You must write protect the g64 produced. Set the read-only file attribute, then Vice tells the emulated system that the disk is write protected.
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Re: C64 Bounty Bob Strikes Back Question

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Ah see? lol - had to be something so simple. That worked and now the G64 works just fine.

Thanks IFW

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