Using KryoFlux with Linux

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Re: Using KryoFlux with Linux

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The group is tty, BUT: It's not the correct device. 'ptmx' is just the pseudo-terminal you're logged in to. Is there no /dev/ttyUSB* of any kind?

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Re: Using KryoFlux with Linux

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You won't see /dev/ttyUSB0 if you have blacklisted the cdc module (which you said you did earlier.) DTC does not use this file to access the Kryoflux.

If you follow the instructions in the Linux README file (particularly the bit about the udev rule in section 3) then it will make the Kryoflux accessible to all users in the "floppy" group, which you can then add yourself to. Or you can change the word "floppy" to "users" when you do it on your system, since everyone is normally in the "users" group to begin with.
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