Running DTC.exe on Linux with the help of Wine

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Running DTC.exe on Linux with the help of Wine

Post by Rixa » Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:56 pm

I'm posting this in case it will be useful to someone, even though the silence in the which distro are you using thread suggests otherwise.

It is possible to run the Windows version of DTC.exe on Linux with Wine. It will not talk to the board, but you can use it to export g64 images from existing Kryoflux stream dumps - a feature not yet available in the ports. Unfortunately Wine cannot run it out of the box.

The first problem is that DTC.exe always tries to open winusb.dll, even if it's not going to talk to the board. This is not supported, so it fails. I found a patch here that adds a stub, allowing DTC.exe to run. I'm attaching a version of it made against wine-1.5.9, the most recent development version. You'll have to apply the patch to the sources, run autoreconf and then build Wine in the usual fashion. This is easy, but only if you're already familiar with the process.

In addition you will need to install the Visual C++ 6 runtime libraries. The easiest way to get them is to use the winetricks script and run 'winetricks vcrun6'. With these two taken care of, I've successfully created g64 images from my existing Kryoflux streams using the latest DTC.exe, ran on Linux with the help of Wine.
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