Write support appreciation thread

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Write support appreciation thread

Post by TeaRex »

This is just to send a very big ***T H A N K Y O U*** to IFW, mr.vince and whoever else was involved in making write support a reality. You guys rock!

Oh and to say sorry for never responding to your invitation to join the beta test. My real life was a bit screwed up (work and health related) at the time you sent that and in addition I didn't read any mail until a week later. So played chicken and never replied. Which I guess is a shame after I had ranted so much about it.

I've tried a whole bunch of Amiga games so far (only system I have for which there seem to be IPFs in existence) and except for some PAL/NTSC related problems everything worked spectacularly well. Seems like with a HD floppy drive for writing, I can even use HD floppy disks without problems as long as the game itself doesn't want to write to the disks. That helps a lot since DD 3.5" disks seem to be even harder to find these days (and more expensive) than DD 5.25" disks.

Now this finally really justifies my early KryoFlux purchase!

I'm also looking forward to further steps like sector image write support and IPFs for C64 and other 8-bit systems being created. If I get a chance at acquiring a "flippy-capable" 5.25" drive I could even submit a number of dumps. So if you ever start selling those or lending them out, I'd love to get one (provided my health plays along and I can afford the expense although things are look much better now).
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Re: Write support appreciation thread

Post by IFW »

Thank you for your kind words :)

Preservation quality C64 flippy disk dumping is finally a reality and instructions will be available soon, it just takes time and Mr.Vince who will be editing and posting it is very busy right now with renovating.
Depending on your skills it may be something you can do or can be very difficult. Unfortunately for me it was the latter category, but I have a drive pre-built.

Preservation of the PAL/EU C64 releases is very problematic due to the poor supply of EU disks (compared to US disks), so loaning the disks for imaging would be very much appreciated. If it is a really large collection we could try and arrange to loan a drive out, but they are in very limited supply right now.

Of course if you can - or get someone to - make the drive, it is much easier for everyone.

I'd like to point out that some of those disks are hard to read now, or have become unreadable.
It would definitely be interesting to organize buying up whatever we can from ebay and other sources - again: mostly EU versions of everything, US preservation is somewhat better organized thanks to many kind souls - but we simply lack the funds to do the EU releases, so I try and grab whatever I can at reasonable prices...

At the end of the day, the C64 games will be preserved like Amiga - and Atari ST, CPC, Spectrum... the latter two being 8 bit systems ;) - games are, and will be completely rewritable from IPF images or playable under hardware or software emulation.

Please feel free to contact me if you think you can help - and please don't outbid me ;)
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