Help troubleshooting a non-working new board

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Help troubleshooting a non-working new board

Post by ELO-Coord »

I have recently purchased a Kryoflux board from you all and I’m having some trouble with it. The order number for my board is 7148.

First, a little context. I have had a few glitches in the process of getting to this point in my project, so I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner. I’m archiving my collection of early Macintosh floppy programs, mainly literature disks from Easgate Systems, Inc. I was originally working on a linux box running BitCurator on Ubuntu 18.0.4LTS when I realized I would need a Kyroflux to read the 400/800 Mac floppies in the collection. As I followed the initial installation instructions the DTC gui would run, but I did not see a disk in the gui, the light did not appear on the floppy drive and only a steady red light appeared on the Kryoflux board. I powered off (in order) and double-checked that the floppy cable was properly inserted. At this point the floppy cable came apart in the socket at the back of the drive.

After removing the cable stub and replacing the cable the same results occurred. I assumed the issue was with the floppy drive, so I acquired a replacement and a replacement cable. Now that I have those, I tested again with the same results. The cable and drive work on an old PC I have.

I’ve mined the support forum for help. I created a forum account today to ask for help, but I’m waiting for administrator approval to post.

I’m afraid that given my symptoms, I either have a bad board or I created a bad board in the setup process. I’m not an electronics noob and in two decades of work and hobbies I’ve only ever shorted on part due to carelessness with wiring. All I can say is that the board has not been recognized on two linux machines or on my MacBook using a VM of linux. It has never worked, as far as I can tell.

Can someone help me troubleshoot (I’ll post to the board as soon as I have permission) and let me know what your RMA and replacement policies are?
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Re: Help troubleshooting a non-working new board

Post by ZrX »

When you connect the KryoFlux to any of your computers, do you get any indication that a USB-device has been connected?

When the board is initially connected the red LED is lit and the board is waiting the firmware to be loaded (which happens on the first use of either the command line tool DTC or the GUI. After the firmware is correctly loaded the yellow and green LEDs flash alternatively.

If there's nothing more than the red LED when you try to use the board then the software for some reason hasn't been able to detect it. Just the board alone connected to the USB is enough when testing.

As I'm only using KryoFlux under Windows I have no knowledge about setting it up under Linux or Mac, but there are few posts here regarding issues people have had under those systems.

Also, check that the flash erase jumper is NOT connecting the two pins.
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Re: Help troubleshooting a non-working new board

Post by brightcaster »

If the board is connected type "lsusb" on a comand line. There should be an entry "Atmel Corp. at91sam SAMBA bootloader" in the list...

If that's not the case, it looks as if the board is bad!

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