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Need Help Writing Streams to 5.25" DD floppy

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:09 am
by airnocker
I've used Kryoflux for two years now, exclusively to create stream and disk image file archives of my Apple IIe DOS3.3 and ProDos disks...and love it! I works great and reliably.

I've always created .IMG disk image types using this command line:
dtc -f00LaserRGB2-092519.raw -i0 -f00LaserRGB2-092519.img -x0 -i8 -l8 -dd1 > 00LaserRGB2-092519-1.txt

Recently, an accident resulted in the loss of data on a physical DOS3.3 disk and the only backup I had was the Kryoflux stream and image files. I had read on this forum that writing stream files back to a physical disk worked more reliably than writing the IMG image back. I tried both. First the IMG then the stream files, which completed without error but neither could not be read by an Apple IIe or an Apple IIgs 5.25" drive.

Then wrote the stream to floppy which worked, no errors. Both used this command line:
dtc -f(firststreamfilename) -w<Enter>

I had issues prefixing the first stream filename with the path so I copied all the stream files to the \dtc folder which resolved that.

The physical floppy that I've used from the beginning was a new, old-stock Panasonic JU-475 5 AKJ floppy disk (which is a DD/HD drive) and using Single or Double-Side, Double Density 5.25" disks. (I took advantage of a post on this forum about a year ago and did the mod this drive so it would write double-side disks --this also has worked flawlessly for me.)

I read a post last night about some floppy drives don't do well writing DD streams to disks and may require a jumper change. The JU-475 has no jumpers and is a DD/HD drive and worked flawlessly writing to a variety of DD floppy disk manufactures, whether single or double-sided.

I really need help or advice on two issues.

1. Successfully writing the single-sided, DD IMG file or stream files to the Panasonic drive's floppy or an alternate method that yields the same end result.

2. Finding an inexpensive solution for converting IMG or DO image formats to DSK format. I use CiderPress for converting the Kryoflux IMG to DO, or know how to create a DSK image with Kryoflux to begin with.

Thanks in advance for any help with this matter.

Re: Need Help Writing Streams to 5.25" DD floppy

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:42 am
by airnocker
I just found the answer to may 2nd issue in the manual:

Convert Apple II stream files to .dsk files
dtc -p -m1 -f<dumpdir/dumpfile> -i0 -f<dumpdir/dumpfile>.dsk -y -g2 -i8 -l8

the dumpfile is the stream file, correct?

Re: Need Help Writing Streams to 5.25" DD floppy

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:06 am
by airnocker
This did not work, as it created a DSK file that had ZERO length. I did it twice on two different sets of stream files (whose IMG image files are perfect) with the same result.

The CMD line produced contain lines like this:
00.1 : Apple DOS 3.3: <unformatted>
down to
82.1 : Apple DOS 3.3: <unformatted>


Re: Need Help Writing Streams to 5.25" DD floppy

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:26 am
by airnocker
I've tried several different path descriptions none of which work and produce an pathing error.

dtc -p -m1 -f\My Documents\Kryoflux\Streams\00LaserRGB1-092519/00LaserRGB1-092519.raw00.0.raw -i0 -f\My Documents\Kryoflux/00LaserRGB1-092519.dsk -y -g1 -i8 -l8

dtc -p -m1 -fG:\My Documents\Kryoflux\Streams\00LaserRGB1-092519/00LaserRGB1-092519.raw00.0.raw -i0 -f\G:My Documents\Kryoflux/00LaserRGB1-092519.dsk -y -g1 -i8 -l8

Only when I copy the stream files to the dtc.exe directory does the command work without error but produces a zero length DSK file, even though each stream file is 100K to more than 200K in length.


Re: Need Help Writing Streams to 5.25" DD floppy

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:59 am
by breiztiger
hi, i use for 3"1/2

dtc -m1 -ftrack00.0 -i0 -fdisk.raw -i2 -fdisk.dsk -i9 -e83 -l8

and 5"1/4

dtc -m1 -ftrack00.0 -i0 -fdisk.raw -i2 -fdisk.po -i8 -l8

can you try this ?