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Writing .D71 images

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:54 pm
by Pheonix
The only way I could find to possibly do this, was to cut the d71 in half (it uses side 0 ascending then side 1 ascending, iirc,) then treat them as 2 separate d64 images. Convert them to g64, then write the second half to side 1 without "flipping" it. I'm already aware that without the mastering data, writing would be hit or miss (unless the nibtools trick I read works,) but DTC absolutely refuses to write side 1. It forces flippy mode, no matter what I do, and says that the results would be "unformatted" and thus exits out.

Is there any way to either 1) write the d71 to disk, or 2) force DTC to leave it un-flipped and write it anyway?

Re: Writing .D71 images

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:37 pm
by Pheonix
Well, solved it myself :)

Rather complicated. But....

1) Split the .D71 file
2) Use NIBCONV to convert to 2 G64 Files.
3) Write the second half to Side 0
4) Dump side 0 of the disk as a RAW file
5) Rename all the *.0.raw files to *.1.raw files. (Deleting the *.1.raw files)
6) Write the first half to Side 0
..6b) Dump Side 0 of disk as before (oops, skipped a step)
7) Copy all the *.0.raw files to the directory with the second half *.1.raw files
8) Now write those to disk blind.
9) Now have a working 1571 double sided disk :)