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Imaging ADF -- How long does it take?

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:23 am
by sTe

Just a general question out to the community who image using i5 for Amiga ADF images.
How long does it take you to copy a "good" disk, no protection / standard copied disk?

For me, I can do them in just under 2 mins.

I wondered if this is the average speed for most of us here?

I ask, because talking with a friend, he can image a disk on an amiga in around 40-50 seconds.
So I wonder if this is because of read flux data / decoding / writing out to file on a PC is a bottle neck, or if I am in need of an upgrade to my PC.

Small question, has there been a version of dtc.exe ... which can do -i0 and can change the 5 rotations? I like the speed i5 gives me, if I could get the same with -i0 ... it would help in re-scanning bad tracks, without having to scan the whole disk in again.