Kryoflux on Virtual machine

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Kryoflux on Virtual machine

Post by martysmarty »

Hi guys,

Anyone know if using a Kryoflux on Virtual Machine works or not?

I've read USB hubs should not be used. What about a USB that, through VMWare, is connected directly to a specific VM. Could that generate improper stream files?
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Re: Kryoflux on Virtual machine

Post by Rakki »

It might work but not guaranteed. Depends of the virtual machine and OS. I have used KF on Imac with Parallels VM on Windows XP and it worked fine.
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Re: Kryoflux on Virtual machine

Post by brightcaster »

It works so far, but you have to keep in mind that you have to (virtually) connect the kryoflux twice! First you have to connect it as "Atmel Corp. at91sam SAMBA bootloader" to get the firmware loaded. After that it changes name to " KryoFlux DiskSystem" to give you access to the connected floppy drive.

So after the firmware is loaded via the guest the device falls back to the host and has to be reconected to the guest again! Thats why some people can work with the kryoflux on the host sytem after the firmware was loaded with the guest OS before...

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