Converting Ctraw files

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Converting Ctraw files

Post by krysiz »

I've had a really good look around and can't seem to find anything that explains the best way to convert ctraw images back to something like dsk or adf.

I'll explain what I'm trying to do:

I'm currently trying to archive some old acorn archimedes floppies (games and software) so I can use them digitally on a gotek. Most are fine with a direct adf but others seem with some kind of copy protection require ctraw (I've been told) and then to be converted back to a compatible format for Flashfloppy. I've looked everywhere for some kind of guide but I'm having no luck.

Can anyone help with this?

I should point out I have a Windows PC

Thank you for any help

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Re: Converting Ctraw files

Post by drdanj »

Hello :) do a raw preservation dump of the disc, not ctraw. Dowoad the hxc floppy emulator software from the hxc website and load the first track of the kryoflux raw image, this will cause it to load the whole thing. Export it as HFE. This should hopefully work assuming it doesn't use weak bits in the protection. If. It doesn't give me another nudge (I'm in the flash floppy and acorn Facebook groups if I don't spot your post here) and we'll think further :)

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Re: Converting Ctraw files

Post by mr.vince »

This isn't KF related it seems so I'd recommend discussing this in the right place...

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