Kryoflux has just arrived: FD-235HF Pin/Jumper confusion

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Kryoflux has just arrived: FD-235HF Pin/Jumper confusion

Post by mcc » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:57 pm


My Kryoflux has arrived today and I want to check its functionality.
I am on Linux and on Linux only. Therefore I need to stick with
the software of 2015...

For the first I will try an easy (?) setup: Kryoflux and one 3.5" flopy drive to
read an ATARI ST disk.

In the package were (beside some gummi bears...YUMMI!) a Quickstart guide,
which say, one have to be very careful not to reverse the ribbon cable.
The explaning picture of the according floppy is printed mirrored...sigh.

I have to drives: a TEAC FD-235 HF 6291 and a TEAC FD-235 HF 7291.
The latter has two jumpers across two pairs of the pins of the shugart bus connector...
which looks pretty...wrong to me. I cannot find any other jumpers to select this
drive as drive 0 or drive 1.
The first one has a jumper field of four pins marked with DS1 and DS0 ... so for the
first I stick with that.

Now the challenge: The orientation of the ribbon cable...
If I take a look under the PCB of the drive I can see a "1" and a "2"
right beside two solder points of the according shugart connector.
The according pins are nearer to the stepper motor (midth of the back
side of the drive) than to the outer edge of the case.

The mirrored image of the drive in the quickstart guide shows
the red cable (teh "1" wire) oriented to the outer side of the
drive -- the opposite direction.

Has this image two bugs: The cable is wrong oriented and the
image is mirrored...or is the PCB marking not the marking
I have to look for.

HELP! I am confused by a guide which should prevent exactly this...

Which is the correct orientation of the ribbon cable or which sign
should I believe?

Thanks a lot for any given orientation in advance! :)

No, I am wrong...not the picture is mirror...
the drive shown is "the other way around" than my drive...sorry.
As said: I am confused, still... ;)

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Re: Kryoflux has just arrived: FD-235HF Pin/Jumper confusion

Post by mr.vince » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:20 pm

How hard can this be? ;) Just plug the cable with the red wire facing to what the drive says where pin 1 (or 1+2 etc.) is...

Don't look at the picture for this. We even have drives where we on purpose have to flip the cable because the silk screen print on the drive is wrong.

If you plug it in the wrong way, the LED on the drive will be permanently on when you power it (board must be connected to USB, otherwise the LED will also be green for correct orientation). If it's not correct, simply unplug power, flip cable, presto.

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